RSN Parkton


  Welcome to the Red Springs & Northern website – so glad you stopped by! This upcoming year promises to be one of our most productive yet. We have many projects on the burner this year, some new and some ongoing. Everything from rebuilding rolling stock and machinery to doing tie replacement, brush cutting, and all the

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1st ANNUAL PUTT-PUTT DAY – JAN. 31, 2015

Greetings everyone, The day started out pretty cold, but warmed up nicely for the 1st ever Putt-Putt only ride along the RS&N. We had people from all over, coming from the coastal regions of NC, mid-state South Carolina and Virginia. It was great to see so many people out today, to just have fun with fellow

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TRACK WORK - #3 - 4-18 - 2015

Switch Cross Ties Replacement – Croft Metals Siding

April 18, 2015    Yesterday after the monthly board of directors meeting in Red Springs several foundation members headed out to the Croft Metals switch.  The old “head block” switch cross ties had deteriorated to the point that the switch would not operate correctly.  The old ties were removed and new ones were inserted.

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New Switch Stand for Croft Metals Siding

April 24, 2015    The RS&N now has a new switch stand for the Croft Metals siding. Under clear blue skies with gentle breezes and temperatures hovering in the low 70’s, it was the perfect day to complete this portion of track maintenance.

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Boy Scouts from across Robeson County pinned new Merit Badges to their vests Saturday, March 28, 2015 after riding along the Red Springs & Northern Railroad. More than 50 young people took part in the Merit Badge event, which was organized by the Red Springs & Northern Railroad Foundation, Inc.  From the Robesonian, you can read more here!   

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Christmas Rail Ride

Rails to Christmas!

From Our family to Yours,   We want to thank everyone who came out to support us and ride our Rails to Christmas Train. Thanks to the kindness, generosity and support, we were able to not only help the Toys for Tots program but we also adopted four families from the towns along our line,

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First Christmas Work Day

Hey everyone! I’ve attached a few pictures I took during the scheduled work day. Keeping in mind, there were two separate details going on today, and I was with the one trimming trees, setting up the new poles etc. The second detail was getting out all the Christmas lights, seeing what worked and what didn’t,

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After today’s monthly board of directors meeting, several foundation members moved all the Christmas & Halloween decorations from Parkton to the new container in Red Springs. See the photos below! ~ John Green     Thanks to everyone who participated in getting our stuff moved,it is now in a secure place on our own property.

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