New Water Source For RSN

Many thanks to the following organizations that made it possible for a new water source near Mountaire:
1. Mountaire Inc.
2. Robeson County Water
3. Red Springs & Northern Railroad (RSN)
4. NCDOT Highway Division
5. Various  contractors


                  IMG_0866                                Water Source 1

You are looking at a new water hydrant, 2 and 1/2 inch  hose capacity.  It is located at the new north entrance to the Mountaire Inc. plant campus in Lumber Bridge, NC .  A new State, SR 71 highway entrance, railroad grade crossing, new water line and Mountaire roadway were all part of a major plant expansion project.  Many parties worked together to plan and implement the project.  These two photos that represent a lot of trust and good work relationships.

To simplify and speed up the project, RSN donated the land needed by NCDOT to construct the needed intersection with SR71.   RSN also donated the land needed by Robeson County Water for its valve and connection line.  In return, RSN asked Mr. Jim Zuniga of Mountaire for a favor.  The favor is the hydrant pictured above.  RSN requires water for vegetation spraying on its right of way.  This occurs 3-4 times a year.  RSN has its own spray equipment and State certified operators.  A water source has always been a very time consuming problem.  This Mountaire location is located mid-point on the railroad. There is a rail siding there to store the spray equipment in season.

RSN requested a water hydrant when the new Mountaire water line was installed at this location.

Well – here it is.  It is more than RSN could have ever hoped for.  Having used garden houses for years stretched for many feet to obtain water, the process will now be done in minutes.  This means so much to the RSN volunteers that maintain our ROW.

A big thanks to Mountaire, in particular, Mr. Zuniga and our corporate friends who made this possible.