Track Conditions

Friday, January 26, 2018

Per Phil Gandy……..The tie project at McNatt’s , vicinity MP 225, was completed yesterday.  Also, seven of the washed-out ties between Mountaire and Lewis Farm Rd were put back in.  These seven ties need some manual tamping;  darkness kept our team from taking care of it.  Anyone riding the line is encouraged to bring along shovel, suitable tamping device, and a little elbow grease to help improve the site.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Per Phil Gandy……..We are expecting to begin today on a 100-tie replacement project beginning at Malloy Road crossing, going south .  This is to advise track between Glenn Road  MP226.5 and Malloy Road MP 224.9 is out of service until further notice.  Wet weather may hamper progress, but hopefully track will be open and in much better condition in a few days

tie1                                20171219_144618

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Per Rick Tufts………While moving the A4 and ballast cart, I derailed (yes, by accident), the A4 at the Wagon Wheel crossing. No, this isn’t the one which was just repaired, but the second dirt driveway not 75 feet south of the Wagon Wheel crossing that was repaired. Please take a very close look at the attached picture. This shows the ballast cart wheel. But what I want you to look at, is the gauge on where the meat of the wheel is as compared to the railhead. Now…look at the flange indention in the dirt to the left of the inside railhead. That indention is from the flange on the A4 that shows just where the wheels came off the tracks. As the saying goes…his wheel has run off. Yep, sure did. Once the A4 was pulled back on the tracks by Cody’s Tahoe (contractor with Mike), I walked the cart over and it too…came close to derailing there, but for some reason, it stayed on.

Although we’re not ride ready just yet, I will say this…please…please use all common sense and caution when we do get out on the line. There are areas all over that are beat up thanks to falling trees.wagon Wheel gauge

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a quick note so everyone knows that the line is open for all motorcar traffic from RS (Red Springs) to just short of Clearwater Road.

Rick Tufts informs me that  the best place to turn around is the dirt road before Clearwater Road.  If you venture up to the washout at Clearwater , be advised there is a  blue flag displayed and a fallen tree across the tracks, approach with caution.

Repair work on the washout at Clearwater will probably begin within 2 weeks, we are coordinating with the contractor right now as far as schedules, materials and manpower needed and when. We are going to try and get the work done on weekends so that we can use our own members to assist the repair work.

We will send out an update as soon as we get things in order, thanks for your patience!

 Monday, October 10, 2016

Due to significant storm damage from Hurricane Matthew to the entire RS&N rail line, the following is in effect until further notice:

As per Roadmaster Rick Tufts, the entire railroad is shut down to ALL traffic.  No motorcars will be allowed to move on the line until it is deemed safe to do so. There are at least three major washouts along the line with many downed trees along with downed power lines.  Due to the severity of the damage, the 2016 RS&N Halloween Fright Train has been cancelled.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

By Authority Of Track Supervisor Rick Tufts, RS&N Main Track will be OOS (Out Of Service)  Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 starting at 0600 hours from MP 229.37 North Hollis Switch Southward To MP 229.75  Mountaire Chicken Plant Road Until Further Notice. Account Switch At MP 229.60 undergoing repair.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

As per Roadmaster Tufts – the bulletin dated May 11,2016 is annulled. Main track is reopened between MP229.41 and MP229.50, please take note of new timber crossing at site of former dirt crossing north of  Hollis siding. Approach crossing looking out for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Watch out for men and equipment on or near tracks near MP 229.75 (Mountaire Chicken Plant Road) until further notice.  Approach area prepared to stop for obstructions or people fouling track.

Speed limit is restricted speed – speed signs are not posted

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Account contractors working on track and right of way, main track will be OUT OF SERVICE  from MP 229.41 (overhead power lines) to MP 229.50 (HOLLIS siding) until further notice.

Main track will be OUT OF SERVICE until further notice

 March 16, 2016

As per Roadmaster Tufts – New speed limit from MP 231.21 Wagon Wheel Road (Double Dirt Road Crossing) to MP 231.70 (North of Shannon Road at point where power lines go overhead) in both directions will be walking speed only – using a spotter if able.  This area is also known as the “goat area” for those familiar with the goats.

 Speed Restriction will be in affect until further notice