Matthew’s Mayhem

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit the southeast coast of the US with a fury causing wind damage and flooding from the coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina all the way to the middle of North Carolina.  With the Lumber River extending from the Scotland County-Hoke County border to the North Carolina-South Carolina border and the many creeks and swamps in the area, the 6” to 18” of rainfall caused record-breaking flooding devastating the areas of Lumberton, Red Springs and Parkton.  There were more than 80 roads affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew in Robeson County alone.

Due to the damage caused to the rail line by Hurricane Matthew’s flooding, the annual Red Springs and Northern Foundation Halloween Fright Train Rides were cancelled this year.

Once the area was safe enough to travel, several members of RS&N inspected the rail line.  Below are some pictures of debris and damage to the line. There are also a few pictures after clean-up began on the line.

Thankfully many of the RSN members rolled up their sleeves, put in many hardworking hours clearing debris by hand and using chainsaws so enough rail line has been cleared and inspected so we can continue with our Rails to Christmas Program for 2016.


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  20161022_122402          20161022_162441